By Dean Arnold

TVG offers players a wide variety of rewards and promotions, and players should make an effort to opt in and take advantage of every single one that is associated with the tracks they wager on. But for me, the best TVG offer is the ‘cash back for second or third’ promotion. 

The cash back promotion gives players a refund when their win bet selection runs second or third and is one of the best bargains available for horseplayers. 

The rules for this offer are simple:

– Players opt in to the promotion online at

– Once opted in, the first win bet of up to $10 on each designated race is refunded if the horse you wagered on runs second or third.

– If the race has fewer than eight starters, refunds are allowed for second place only.

– No refund is offered for fields of six betting entries or less.

  • During the first weekend in August, I bet $10 to win on 12 of the designated races, a $120 investment.
  • In four races, my horse won, for winnings totaling $219 (33% hit rate, $99 profit and a positive 82.5% return on investment).
  • In four races, my horse ran second or third, so I recouped my $10 win wagers four times for $40.
  • For a total of $120 invested, I netted $259, providing me with a profit of $139.
  • In four other races, my horse ran fourth or worse, including two fourth place finishers where I was nosed out for third, so I was close to qualifying for even more refunds on those win wagers as well.

This promotion is a big help to the bottom line. For the player betting the designated races, it is basically free insurance on the first $10 win bet, where a near miss becomes a full refund.

There are several theories on what type of selections work best with this cash back offer. Some believe it is best used when betting on favorites which are very likely to finish third or better. Others think the cash back offer is a good way to back longshots, with a full refund if the longshot is a near-miss. The fact is, this promotion is always a good way to have ‘insurance’ on any contender you think can win. So whether you prefer favorites or longshots, this is a promotion that should not be passed up, and one can hope the promotion is made available for wagers greater than $10 in the future.

Requirements to play Cash Back Promotions:

  • Be a TVG account holder.
  • Opt in at
  • Thoroughly read the offer to understand any limitations.
  • Incorporate the offer into your betting strategy, making sure you maximize your advantages as part of your overall play.

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